Pastor Steve Gray

First Baptist Church of Wahiawa

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  ​Message from Pastor Steve

             ... make the most of every opportunity.

                                              --  Colossians 4:5



Most of us enter a new year with all sorts of questions.  We wonder about the state of our nation and world.  Many have uncertainties of health, job and relationships.  The great news for all of us is this:  Whatever your questions may be - Jesus has the answer!

We enter this new year with a sense of peace and joy in the knowledge that God has our future in His hands.  We should also enter the new year with a sense of urgency.  There are souls that need salvation and believers that need to be taught.  There are missionaries on the field needing our prayers and support.  There are children and youth that need to be taught.  There are neighbors who need a loving touch from us.

The Apostle Paul urges us to be careful how we live.  To live as wise men and women who see every day as an opportunity (Ephesians 5:15-16).  That is exactly what we will do in 2019.  We will live and serve as sons and daughters of God eager to see each day as an opportunity to bring glory to God.

None of us knows all that the new year will bring.  But together, as we commit to live by God's grace and for God's glory, we enter this year with the confidence that God is with us and He will accomplish all that He wills to fulfill His purpose for His glory.

​Happy New Year!

Pastor Steve