Pastor Steve Gray

First Baptist Church of Wahiawa

  A Time of Preparation...

When the walls around Jerusalem were in need of repair, God sent Nehemiah to the people to propose a work of restoration.  The people responded, "Let's start rebuilding, so they began this good work." - Nehemiah 2:18

I am excited to see how God's people have responded during these days to the needs here at First Baptist Church.  A wonderful work of restoration is being performed here.  On May 1st we had a work day with 30 people gathering to help clean, paint, and take care of the house of the Lord.  During the last week of April God sent an expert team from Oahu Sealcoating and Paving to repair and replace a crumbling section of the front sidewalk.  In the coming weeks, we will see the replacement of the rest of the windows in the Sanctuary.  We praise God for providing the resources, hardworking and skilled volunteers and leaders to help make all this possible.  I especially want to thank our Property and Space Committee for their leadership in keeping these projects moving forward.  MAHALO!

We might be tempted to think of some of this work as maintenance.  I see it all as preparation.  The church is not just seeking to maintain, but to prepare for a new work of God and a new season of ministry in the days ahead.

On April 25th the church council met and made an initial plan to RELAUNCH Sunday School and other ministries of the church this fall.  September 5th will be RELAUNCH DAY for Sunday School.  It is exciting to see how God is raising up new leaders and preparing the church facilities for a RELAUNCH this fall.  As we pray, plan and work together, God is preparing us all for an exciting new season of ministry together.


Pastor Steve