First Baptist Church of Wahiawa

Pastor Mike Procter


To:  The Saints Who Are First Baptist Church

Writing from Alaska:

So far in October, we have had three significant snowfalls, 18 out of 19 days where our high temperature did not exceed 50F and 10 days of drizzle or rain. Needless to say, Rebecca is anticipating the warmth and sun but, even more, we are looking forward to being a part of what God is doing at FBC Wahiawa. 

This past week, I read a posting by Joe McKeever, a retired missionary/pastor, who contributes to Baptist Press. In the posting, he reminded us of "How God Works". Too often, we believe God only works in the big miraculous ways; however, as we read His word, we discover He will often use the ordinary, small things to bring about His will, i.e. the young boy with his loaves and fish, the widow with her mite, a cup of water given in His name and more. We want the big, miraculous, spectacular and God reminds us that He often works in ordinary, non-spectacular ways. Do you recall the incident in the life of Elijah? Elijah was wanting/needing to hear from God and a whirlwind came but the scripture says, "the Lord was not in the whirlwind".  Next there was a great earthquake and the Bible reminds us that, "the Lord was not in the earthquake". A great fire followed the earthquake and God's word says, "the Lord was not in the fire". Three spectacular manifestations of power and might. Then, you recall, there came a "still, small voice" and out of that voice God spoke to Elijah (1 Kings 9:9-13). We often overlook the small, ordinary things and miss what God is wanting to do. Joe McKeever said it like this:

How God Works
When God gets ready to do something eternal, watch His ways...
He loves to:
Start Small (Matt 13:31; 1 Sam 14:6; Zech 4:10)
With Ordinary People (1 Cor 1:26)
Using Any Method (Ps 115:3 ; Is 55:8)
While Taking His Own Good Time (2 Pt 3:8)

What do we want God to do in our midst? 

McKeever concluded his post by saying, "Only people of faith will still be there at the end, on the job, standing true, ready to see what God has done and to behold His glory".
I pray that I will be such a person.

The Lord willing and if Alaska Airlines runs on time, we will arrive in Honolulu this coming Monday, Oct. 25, 10:55 pm, on flight #828.

Pastor Mike