First Baptist Church of Wahiawa

Pastor Mike Procter

What does God desire for my life?

First of all, God created you! His desire in doing so was to have fellowship with you. Can you believe that? The God that spoke the world into existence also spoke you into existence and desires to have fellowship with you! We begin that relationship by acknowledging that we have all sinned. The Bible is clear that no one is righteous. That means we have all missed the mark of perfection. We also need to understand that the payment for our sins is death. Unfortunately, every single person will face death, but every single soul created by God is created to be eternal. So when we pay for our sins with death it is also eternal. The Bible speaks of a place that is remarkably horrible with torment. This place was not designed for humans but when we sin we ultimately earn this eternal death for ourselves.

But God, knowing that we needed help to become righteous and because he loved mankind so much, sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins and pay the price we were supposed to pay. Jesus did live a perfect sinless life and His sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice that would pay for sins once and for all! 

When we place our faith in Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins we are saved from eternal death and given eternal life. When God looks at us He no longer sees our sins, He sees His Son, Jesus. As a result,we are forever indebted and grateful for His sacrifice. We work to make disciples and share the good news with everyone we can! 

Come join a group of forgiven sinners as we learn God's purpose for our lives!

Currently, we are studying how to respond to hard times as we study the book of James. I look forward to seeing you all soon!