Pastor Steve Gray

First Baptist Church of Wahiawa

  Message from Pastor Steve

Getting Ready for Easter...

While every Sunday is a celebration of the Risen Lord, Easter Sunday is the special day we set aside each year to praise God for the living hope we have because of the resurrection of Jesus.  Our Easter Celebration this year will take place on April 12th.  I am praying, working and trusting God to help us make this Easter one of the best ever.

Here are some ways that each of us can begin now to prepare for Easter.

First and foremost, pray.  Pray that God will prepare you, our church and the entire community for a great time of worship and renewal.

Second, spend time studying the Word of God.  For the next five Sunday evenings we will have a special GETTING READY FOR EASTER Bible Study.  We started last Sunday with 20 people learning and sharing together.  

Third, be inviting.  Our neighbors, family and coworkers here in Central Oahu need the hope that is ours through faith in the risen Lord.  Invite them to come.  Pray that God will stir their hearts to come and hear.  This Easter may be the day that God opens their hearts to the message of salvation through faith in Jesus.

Seeing people come to Jesus and joining together to celebrate the living Lord would make Easter 2020 one of the best ever!


Pastor Steve