Pastor Mike Procter

First Baptist Church of Wahiawa


​To: The Saints Who Are First Baptist Church:

What a tremendous attendance we had for last Sunday's first "Redreaming the Dream" session. If you recall, we considered the 4 ways churches reorganize:

1.  They change policy
2.  They change personnel
3.  They change programs
4.  They clarify purpose

While, in themselves, there is nothing wrong with #1-3, they usually do not address the root cause(s).  Often they gloss over the problem and they tend to be reactive. #4, clarifying purpose, is more challenging. We are required to reevaluate who we are and what we are doing as a church family.  As we begin to clarify our purpose, we begin to move towards congregational health.  Do you recall the 4 general characteristics of a healthy church?

1.  A healthy church plans. An unhealthy church just solves problems.
2.  A healthy church is proactive and takes the initiative. An unhealthy church is reactive

     and surrenders its initiative.
3.  A healthy church builds on and is renewed by its dreams. An unhealthy church declines

     and doubts itself.
4.  A healthy church ministers. An unhealthy church needs to be ministered to.

We determined that a healthy dream is necessary to be a healthy church.

 This Sunday, the Lord willing, we will discover the two sources for a healthy vision, as well as the 4 foundational elements for a Biblical kingdom vision.

I look forward to studying and worshipping with you. 9:00 am for "Redreaming the Dream" and 10:15 am for the morning worship celebration.


Pastor Mike