Pastor Mike Procter

First Baptist Church of Wahiawa


To: The Saints Who Are First Baptist Church


What an exciting time in the life of our church family! We are discerning God's "What Next" for us and committing to do His will.


If you recall, last Sunday, I shared that God's plan is always personal, possible, powerful and propagating. That is, He has something He wants each one of us to do. As He reveals His will, He will make it possible because He will empower and equip us for the purpose of proclaiming the Good News. If this is true, then each of us has a specific ministry to fulfill in the life of our church family. How do you discern the Lord leading you to serve Him through our church family? On an entranceway table, there are sign up/interest lists where you can express an openness to use the giftedness/skills/talents/abilities God has given you. Please take a moment to indicate an area of ministry where you are willing to serve. Remember, each one of us has a different calling but we want to end up at the same see God glorified, Jesus proclaimed and the church family strengthened. Do you recall the mathematical formula I used to demonstrate this:

Pick a number between 1 & 9
Multiply that number by 2
Add 6
Divide by 2
Subtract the original number
And, no matter what the original number was, the number you come up with will be 3

What is God calling you to do within the life and ministry of our church family so that we will be the church He has called us to be?



Coming Soon: First Family Fellowship

First Family Fellowship will be a time of informal refreshments and fellowship between Bible study/Sunday school and our morning worship celebration. On February 6, our new morning schedule will be:

9:00 am Bible study/Sunday school

10:00 am First Family Fellowship

10:30 am Morning Worship Celebration


Business Meeting

Wednesday, January 26, 6:00 pm


Pastor Mike