First Baptist Church of Wahiawa
"Celebrating 80 years of God's Faithfulness"

Weekly Schedule:

                                                           Sunday                       9:30am                      Sunday School
                                                                                           10:45am                      Morning Worship
                                                          Wednesday                  6:00pm                       Prayer Meeting
                                                                                            7:00pm                       Choir Practice
                                                                                            8:00pm                       Praise Team Practice

     Please be sure to visit our preschool site at

                            Wednesday, Jan. 28        6:00 pm           Prayer/Business Meeting
                                                                7:00 pm           Choir Practice
                                                                8:00 pm           Praise Team Practice
                            Thursday, Jan. 29       10:00 am           Multi-Family Housing Ministry at Iho Iho Place, Wahiawa
                            Friday, Jan. 30             7:00 pm           Small Group Bible Study
                            Saturday, Jan. 31         8:30 am           Church Work Day
                            Sunday, Feb. 1             9:30 am           Sunday School
                                                             10:45 am           Morning Worship & Celebration of the Lord's Supper
                           Wednesday, Feb. 4         6:00 pm           Prayer Meeting
                                                              7:00 pm            Choir Practice
                                                              8:00 pm            Praise Team Practice
                           Thursday, Feb. 5        10:00 am            FBCW Seniors' Ministry
                           Friday, Feb. 6              7:00 pm            Small Group Bible Study
                           Sunday, Feb. 8             9:30 am           Sunday School
                                                            10:45 am           Morning Worship
                                                              5:00 pm           Ladies Bible Study and Discipleship Bible Study


                NOTES FROM PASTOR STEVE:                         

                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR!


The start of a new year always gives a sense of hope and possibility.  2015 will undoubtedly hold some challenges as well as some great opportunities.  As you begin this new year, make a choice to plant some seeds that will bear positive fruit in your life.  The Bible tells us that "A man reaps what he sows." (Galatians 6:7)  By choosing to sow seeds of truth in our own hearts and blessing into the lives of those around us, we are setting the course for a harvest of good to come down the road.

Need a place to start?  Try this  -  join us each Sunday night in January for the January Bible Study.  We will gather in the Sanctuary at 5:00PM for a study of the book of Deuteronomy.  Planting God's Word in our lives brings a harvest of peace.

Here's another suggestion for planting seeds of blessing in the lives of others.  Make it a point to speak a word of blessing to those in your closest circle each day.  A word of encouragement will produce a harvest of good in their lives and in yours too!

By choosing to plant the right kind of seeds this year, 2015 will be a year of wonderful harvest for us all.

Pastor Steve

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