First Baptist Church of Wahiawa
"Celebrating 80 years of God's Faithfulness"

Weekly Schedule:

                                                           Sunday                       9:30am                     Sunday School
                                                                                            10:45am                     Morning Worship
                                                          Wednesday                 6:00pm                      Prayer Meeting
                                                                                             7:00pm                      Choir Practice

     Please be sure to visit our preschool site at
                                                     Wednesday, February 10            6:00pm          Prayer Meeting
                                                                                                          7:00pm          Choir Practice
                                                     Thursday, February 11               7:00pm          Japanese Language Bible Study
                                                    Friday, February 12                    7:00pm          Small Group Bible Study
                                                    Sunday, February 14                   9:30am          Sunday School
                                                                                                        10:45am          Morning Worship Service
                                                                                                          1:30pm          Hospital Ministry at Wahiawa General Hospital

 Life is experienced over years with ups, downs, twists, turns and many surprises.  There are times when we roll along hardly noticing that the years are passing by.  At other times, the world seems to stop and we wonder, how did we end up here?  Or even, why did this happen? 

Here at First Baptist Church we are entering a study of Israel's experience at the Red Sea as recorded in the book of Exodus.  Having been miraculously freed from their years of captivity in Egypt, Israel headed out with their hearts set on returning to Canaan.  They soon found themselves encamped by the Red Sea with Pharaoh's army charging after them and no way of escape.

The Bible's record of this historic event is full of lessons about God and his plan for our lives.  Maybe you are in a situation and wondering why God has allowed this to happen.  God's Word gives us many great truths that we will study in a series entitled LESSONS FROM THE RED SEA.  It begins with this simple truth:  God has allowed you to be exactly where you are right now.  He is there with you now and ready to show you the pathway ahead.

Come join us Sunday as we continue walking through this great adventure of living the life of faith.                                


Pastor Steve                                                             



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